Connor Kennedy might not know who he is, much more than you will by the end of this, but he knows what he likes – and he knows when a song of his own is finished.

An self-learned guitarist, singer, and multi-instrumentalist, Kennedy hails from Woodstock, New York, where as a young man, found himself swimming in the lore of yore at the turn of every local street. 

He lives not far from famous pink houses, famous basements, famous defunct (and operational) recording studios, and famous farms where famous festivals happened with famous people, and is often reminded of such facts. Armed with respect and admiration for artists of the past, he aims to present an honest voice of his own; perhaps landing in the tributaries.

His most recent release “Somewhere”, was released with virtually no fanfare, beyond one celebratory performance in a historic church, wherein the fire department was called during the last number. He likes most of it.

He's currently assembling a new corral of songs for a forthcoming recording; and has joined legendary American rock and roll band Steely Dan as of 2019.